Waste Management

Western Civic Amenity Site

Western Civic Amenity Site, Curragh Road, St Johns (turn left at the Ballacraine crossroads when driving towards Peel and right where the old railway line/Heritage Trail crosses the road).

Western Civic Amenity Site

Curragh Road

St John's

Isle of Man

Telephone: 801158 or 406333

Email: wcas@manx.net

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday: 8am to 4pm
Sunday: 9am to 4pm 

Public holiday closures: New Year's Day, Senior Race Day, Tynwald Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day

The western civic amenity site is sometimes closed during adverse weather conditions (for example, high winds) or staff training. If you are in any doubt about the site being open, please contact the site.  

  • No asbestos or wood containing elm accepted at the site
    • Other materials accepted;
      Fluorescent light tubes (small charge may apply), lead acid batteries (i.e. car batteries), dry cell batteries (rechargeable or single use batteries), scrap metal, garden waste, glass, cans, aluminium, paper and clothing, dirty engine oil, cooking oil, cardboard, paint, soil, small electrical items. 

    Refuse Collection

    Tuesdays: Glen Darragh Road and roads off. South of the Peel Road including Braaid, Ellerslie and Eairy. West Baldwin. Top Road, Crosby from Glen Vine Road to Mount Rule.

    Thursdays: Peel Road (both sides), Ballagarey Estate, Glen Vine Road and roads off. Crosby including Eyreton Lea and Reart ny Chrink, Trollaby Lane.

    Parish Recycling Facilities

    Old Church Road, Crosby (at the bottom of School Hill)

    Steel Cans (rinsed) are now accepted for recycling with the aluminium cans in the recycling banks.

    Thin white and thin grey card can now be accepted at the paper recycling banks and includes items such as cereal packets and prepared food outer sleeves. Brown card and brown cardboard is not acceptable.

    Household telephone directories can now be placed in the paper recycling banks.

    Dry-cell batteries from clocks, toys, hearing aids, mobile phones and cameras to Manx Co-op stores, Glen Mona Garage and Civic Amenity Sites.

    Lead acid batteries to Civic Amenity Sites.

    Plastic bottles are now accepted for recycling at the Eastern Civic Amenity Site, Middle River Industrial Estate, Pulrose Road, Douglas (entrance opposite Douglas Power Station). The bottles must be rinsed, squashed and lids removed.

    Find out what happens to all the paper, glass, cans, textiles and batteries at www.recycleformann.com

    Energy from Waste Plant

    The Energy from Waste facility processes all of the Isle of Man's 60,000 tonnes of municipal and commercial waste, including clinical, animal and oil waste.
    Website: www.sita.co.im

    Annual 2018 - Click Here to View (PDF)

    August 2018 - Click Here to View (PDF)


    News/What's On

    Operational Policy on Planning Enforcement


    The Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA) have produced their ‘Operational Policy on Planning Enforcement’.

    This document details information on how breaches in planning control are identified, responded to and enforced. It also provides information to those who have been accused of a breach.

    We encourage you to read this should you find it of interest. Click here to open the document in a separate window

    Marown Beavers, Cubs and Scouts carwash


    Friday 25th May

    Click here for details

    Marown Youth & Community Players - Treasure Island


    14th - 17th Sep 2018

    Click here for details

    Marown School Christmas Fair


    Friday 15th December

    Click here for details

    Carol Singing for charity


    Marown school choir will once again be carol singing around the Ballagarey estate on the evening of Thursday 21st December, between 6.30pm and 7.30pm. 
    The school have a licence this year to collect door-to-door for the Joey Dunlop Foundation, so please listen out for them - and please give generously!

    Government Consultation – Improve the Planning System


    Have your say on the current planning system

    Click here for details

    Marown Association Football Club - Mhelliah


    Saturday 21st October @ 7:30pm

    The Crosby Hotel

    Please come along and join in the fun. Any donations would be more than welcome.

    For more info please contact:

    Cameron Avery - cameronavery@manx.net

    Joey Rothwell - joe_rothwell@manx.net

    Family Walking Treasure Hunt & BBQ


    Sunday 2nd July 2017 @ 2pm

    Click here for details

    Wanted: Group Scout Leader


    Click here for details

    Family Bingo Night with Supper


    Saturday 20th May 2017

    Millenium Hall, Old Church Road, Crosby

    Supporting Marown Memorial Playing Fields

    Click here for details (PDF)



    Hall Caine Pavilion, Old Church Road, CROSBY
    01624 851630